Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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Monster Beats in entire poverty relief efforts in 2011, ties the closure hole village reality in the village poverty relief work team, the adjustment industrial structure, expands the sound tobacco production vigorously, the annual investment special fund 50 ten thousand Yuan, the construction tractor-plowing said that 3.5 kilometers, replace transformer one, the service village department, the solution leaf Beats By Dr Dre production transports and uses electricity the difficult problem. At the same time, but also invests the birth control fund 10,000 Yuan, had guaranteed the family planning obtains carries out, provides the gold leaf charitable card to the extremely poor family, assists the development leaf tobacco planter Monster Headphone.

The full display party branch's fight fortress function, completes "Monster Beats Studio", trained into the party member the becoming rich expert, to raise the excellent Party member the becoming rich expert, to raise the excellent Party member becoming rich expert Cheng Cun the cadre, party branch's battle efficiency, the cohesive force promotes largely.

in 2011 under party branch's leadership, Long Kongcun plants the smoke 660 Chinese acres, sells the leaf tobacco 1980 buckets, additionally receives 200 ten thousand Yuan. The leaf tobacco industry eagerly anticipated the farmer to step onto road of the becoming rich, led the rural economic development, the villagers has enjoyed "Shan Lv, Diamond Headphones, village US, the human were rich" the socialism new village life heartily Monster Headphones.

On December 20, "the Monster Beats Evening news" published "In Internet bar To smoke, after Line Arrested" an article, caused the social very big reaction. The other day, because the net friend "I was ha" have published a topic at Huai An some forum am "Smoke in Internet bar Surfer Detained A little In Cloud In Fog" the card, the content am stated oneself friend the son the Internet bar to smoke by the administrative detention process Beats Solo Hd Frequency Response.

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